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Outpatient Treatment Program for the region

Billings Addiction Counseling LLC

began business in the beautiful downtown area of Billings, Montana in December 2016. Our goal is to stop gaps and do our best to provide services to those in need who may not fit the cookie-cutter pattern and want individual and personal attention.

How can you tell if someone has a problem?

*Using the drug frequently, daily, or several times per day *Having intense cravings for the drug *Needing larger doses to achieve the same effect (tolerance) *Thinking a lot about obtaining the drug and not running out *Spending all the money on drugs *Continuing to use despite negative consequences at home, work, or school *Engaging in risky or illegal behavior

Substance Abuse Services

Education, Prevention and Treatment

State Approved Agency provides Best Practices, reliable customer care, and a safe non-judgemental place for you.

Connect With Us

Preparing for Your Visit

  • Intake

    This process may take place online through the client portal or at the office.  You will be given necessary forms to complete before we get started to develop your individual treatment plan.

  • Waiting Room - office

    We know your time is valuable and we’ll make every effort to see you at your scheduled appointment time. Unfortunately, emergencies, complications, and other issues may lead to unexpected delays.  Please be comfortable in the office until staff is available.

  • Therapy Room

    Once you’re in the therapy room, anything you say will be held in strict confidence unless it's about harming yourself or others.

  • Concerns

    If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your visit, please call and most any accommodations can be made.

  • Follow Up Appointments

    We will work together to schedule future appointments or if you'd prefer, you may make appointments on the client portal.

  • Your Bill

    Sessions are to be paid at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.  Billings Addiction Counseling LLC will bill your insurance if you provide an insurance card and any related information.  

Pricing and Programs

This Practice accepts: BlueCard, Blue Preferred, Federal Employee Program, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HMK, Montana Medicaid, HELP and Passport, Aetna, TriWest, First Choice Health, EBMS, HSA, credit cards and cash. 

Individual Sessions

This type of care may be used for any Level of Care

$100 for 60 minute Session

Group Sessions

Groups offered for three or more customers

  • **IOP
  • MET
  • **ACT
  • Aftercare 
  • Relapse Prevention 
  • COA
$20/group **price included in IOP or ACT package

Assessment and Placement

This service includes:  Thorough testing and assessment up to two hours of face time

  • Letter of Recommendations
  • Summary of Level of Care and Addiction Diagnosis
  • Referrals if needed

Initial introduction to services

We will meet and discuss needs to determine a plan and work together to find resources for restoring health and wellness in your life.

PRICE: There is no charge for this session if you choose to seek services elsewhere.

Intensive OutPatient Level II

Level II Addiction Services

IOP is a full treatment program requiring a daily committment from customers who are encouraged to be employed or attend school while staying substance-free.

All services are included in this package.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you have.

We would love to hear from you, whether you're interested in working with us as a customer or have interest in knowing more about what we do.


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